Wednesday 12 June 2024


Athletics Meet 2022

With the Captains and members of the four houses marching into the Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground, our Annual Athletics Meet was kicked off on 1 December 2022 after a three-year suspension caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.


With cheer of the four houses, all Holy Familians showed their talents on tracks and fields, demonstrating great endurance, determination and sportsmanship. Strong support was given to our athletes as the sports ground resonated with resounding cheers and applause, encouraging us to give our best shot.


This year, the four houses were themed on fairy tales.  The fancy costumes, the elegant ornaments and the intricate make-up were evidence of the great effort of all house members.  During show time, all members strived hard to show their best.  The House of Peace was presented with the Overall Championship. Yet, the greatest victory should go to all Holy Familians, who have shown unconditional support for the event.


Our Guest of Honor, Ms Anne Anita Cheung, was invited to share her experiences of her sports journey.  She has been actively participating in various sports since her time at HFCC.  She enjoys tennis and hiking in particular. Ms Cheung’s words of encouragement inspired us to strive for our personal best.  She also emphasised the importance of regular exercise in maintaining good health and fitness, and encouraged us to make it part of our daily routine.


Being ‘United in Love’, all Holy Familians successfully made the Athletics Meet this year a delighted and memorable one.  We all look forward to the Athletics Meet next year!

Elise Chan (3B)


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