Monday 15 July 2024


S1 Educational Trip to Nansha

The S1 PTA Trip to Nansha was successfully held from 26-27 March, 2024. Over the course of two days and one night, our enthusiastic students embarked on an incredible journey filled with exploration and learning in STEAM education and technology.


By visiting the Guangzhou Meteorological Satellite Ground Station, students had the opportunity to view satellite receiving antennas and delve into the fascinating world of meteorology.  Students also explored and engaged in interactive activities at the Satellite Science Popularization Center.  Through the Nansha Fourth Resource Thermal Power Plant visit, students gained insights into sustainable energy production with the latest technology in China.


Students also had a chance to explore the Guangzhou Automobile Group Technology Center in Nansha, learning about cutting-edge automotive technology.  Finally, the trip concluded at the Xiangyunsha Cultural and Creative Park, where students had a unique hands-on experience crafting their own handheld fans using Xiangyunsha, a delicate fabric.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed this enriching experience and returned with a wealth of knowledge and cherished memories.