Monday 15 July 2024

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school song

  1. March, March, dear school friends,
    Shoulder to shoulder,
    Our heads lifted high,
    Let us march to bear witness to Christ;
    And vow ne'er to pause
    Till we bring all to love and serve His cause.

  2. Work, work, dear classmates,

    Play well together

    And work and at play,

    Holy Family shines all the way;

    Our school gives guidance kind,

    To build a perfect character and mind.

  3. Love, love, dear sisters,

    In my heart you're near

    To love and to care,

    In the Christian spirit we all share;

    Beloved school of mine,

    On you may all the love of Jesus shine.



We learn to live in unity

In our Holy Family

"Faith, Love, Duty" - these we will bring

As our gifts to God our King -

We pray and sing with one accord

To thank and praise the living God.

Loyal and faithful loving true;

Holy Family, we are proud of you.