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To align with this year's school theme ‘Embracing Love Exhibiting Gratefulness’, positive education is continued to be introduced this year. Character strength survey was conducted in September to let students understand more on their unique character strengths. Class teachers give advice to students during class teacher periods to foster character growth of each student. Self Photos / Files - ClassVisit2011


In addition, Moral and National Education Team continues to provide more opportunities to enrich students’ ability through proactive involvement in planning and participating in various activities, nurture their moral and character development through different talks and develop their self-management skills.





  • To promote students' understanding of the rights and duties of a citizen, and to foster a growing concern for community affairs so as to raise their sense of civic awareness.
  • To enhance students’ moral and character development, promoting their sense of belonging and commitment in their family, nation and the world so that they can grow into respectful, caring and committed global citizens.


General Skills

  • To develop students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills that would allow them to analyze social and political issues objectively and arrive at a rational judgement
  • To develop students’ leadership and communication skills so that they can become future leaders



  • To develop students’ 10 core values: Love and Care for others, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect for Others, Responsibility, National Identity, Commitment to the Community, Law-abidingness, Diligence, Empathy.
  • To cultivate students’ Canossian values: Gratitude, Respect, Responsibility



Self Photos / Files - moralAdvisors

According to the photo, from left to right:

Mr Michael Wu Mr Frankie Yiu Ms Tiffany Ng Ms Tracy Mak

Ms Deborah Lun

(Team Coordinator)

Mr Ken Wong


Civil Leaders


Team Leader

Team members

CLC & National Education Team

TIC: Mr Frankie Yiu

5A (22) Victoria Wong

5D (18) Valerie Wong

2B (24) Belle Wu

2B (22) Macy Wan

4B (16) Ankie Leung

Environmental Education Team

TIC: Mr Michael Wu

5B (18) Chloe Ngan

4A (2) Jojo Chan

4B (13) Tracy Lau

4B (7) Angie Ho

Civic Education Team

TIC: Ms Tiffany Ng

5C (20) Natalie Pang

4C (5) Harumi Cheng

3C (18) Hayley Ma

5A (19) Cherie To

Positive Education Team

4B (19) Abby Ng

5A (23) Elizabeth Wong

3B (18) Monica Siu

4A (15) Agnes Lo

2C (3) Joelle Cheung

Flag Raising Team


3D (21) Charlotte Wu

5C (6) Charlene Chow

4D (1) Melanie Chang

3A (26) Angel Woo

3B (21) Sarah Tse

3A (23) Angelina Wong

3B (15) Sophia Ng

3A (16) Crystal Lim

3C (25) Anna Zhang


Year Plan



September 2022 – July 2023

National Flag Raising Ceremony

September 2022


Chinese Language Centre (Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival)

Character Strength Workshops

October 2022




S1 Organic Farming Talk

S1 Civic Education Talk (Poverty problem)

S3 Service Learning Talk

S1-S6 Values Education Day

October 2022 – May 2023

S1 Values Education Programme (Mysteries in Planting)

November 2022




S4 Service Learning Programme (Training)

S1, S2, S3, S5 Media Literacy Workshop

Q&A Promotion of Constitution Day in morning assembly

Online quiz (Constitution Day)

December 2022


S1 Mindfulness Workshop

S4 Personal Growth Camp

February 2023

S4 Service Learning Programme (Service + Evaluation)

March 2023

S4 Mindfulness Workshop

April 2023


Q&A Promotion of National Security Education Day in morning assembly

Online quiz (National Security Education Day)

May 2023


S4 Media Literacy Workshop

S1 Personal Growth Camp

June 2023


S2 and S3 Mindfulness Workshop

S1 and S2 Preparation for handicraft for charity