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Curriculum aims

  1. To develop abilities in identifying needs, problems and opportunities, their respective constraints and preferences
  2. To develop, communicate, implement and evaluate solutions creatively
  3. To understand the interdisciplinary nature of technological activities
  4. To be aware of the cultural and contextual dependence of technological developments
  5. To be aware that the well-being of oneself, one’s family, society and the natural environment depends upon decisions on how to use technological artefacts and systems appropriately



Subjects offered

Information and Communication Technology (S1-S6)

Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (S4-S6)

Home Economics (S1-S3)



Learning activities

STEM4girls Mentorship Programme

Students’ interest in STEM is raised for developing talents for future professions in the related fields. Activities include university and company visits, coding competition etc.


JA Code for Impact Challenge

Students who take both ICT and BAFS electives were invited to join the activity. During the challenge, the team presented their innovative ideas and application prototypes related to social issues to the judges. Prior to the challenge, students participated in an innovation camp led by business volunteer mentors, engaging in experiential learning to explore the latest technology trends and acquire skills related to design thinking and programming.

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HKCC Business Excellence Context

Students joined the competition and won the champion. They learned about joint venture and how to cooperate with others. They all enjoyed participating in the competition.

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Visit to Microsoft

S5 BAFS students visited the Microsoft headquarter in Hong Kong. They experienced the augmented reality and virtual reality technologies in industry applications.

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JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! – The Top 25 Team

A group of S5 students participated in the competition JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! 2021 held by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. The team designed a tool called “Wordslighted” which aims to facilitate teacher’s marking by providing marking of assignments and papers automatically with estimated score. With devotion and immense effort, they entered the semi-final of the competition.


HKICPA Case Competition

Our school is the multiple award winner in the HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition. Students applied textbook knowledge in the areas of accounting and business to the real world

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