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Curriculum aims

  1. To develop motor and sports skills and acquire knowledge through physical activity, and cultivate positive values and attitudes for the development of a habit of doing exercises
  2. To acquire good health, physical fitness and body co-ordination through leading an active and healthy lifestyle
  3. To promote desirable moral behaviour, co-operation in communal life, ability to make decisions and appreciation of aesthetic movements


Subjects offered

Physical Education (S1-S6)


Learning activities

Bowling Lesson

Students acquired valuable skills and knowledge that enhanced their bowling abilities. They gained insights into the importance of body alignment, footwork, and balance, which contributed to consistent and successful deliveries.Self Photos / Files - bowling


Archery Lesson

S6 students did not only acquire technical skills, but also benefited from lessons in Values Education. They learned about the importance of focus, patience and perseverance.

Self Photos / Files - pe2




Inter-School Volleyball Competition – Division Three (Kowloon One)

Our school’s A grade girls demonstrated exceptional teamwork, skills and resilience, captivating the audience with their powerful spikes, precise serves, and incredible defense. Their fourth-place finish in 2022 was a testament to their hard work, perseverance, and their unwavering spirit to never give up.

Self Photos / Files - volleyball


Inter-School Basketball Competition – Division Three (Kowloon Two)

Our B grade Basketball Team secured a well-deserved fourth place in the Inter-School Basketball Competition 2022-2023. Their dedication, skill, and perseverance had propelled them to the upper echelons of the tournament, showcasing their talents and passion for the game.

Self Photos / Files - basketball


Inter-School Swimming Competition – Division Two (4 x 50m Medley Relay)

Our Swimming Team (B grade) secured an outstanding fourth place in the 4×50m Medley Relay. The Medley Relay demands synchronized teamwork, technical precision, and determination, and our Swimming Team showcased all these qualities.

Self Photos / Files - swimming