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Curriculum aims

  1. To provide students of English with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development in the English medium
  2. To enable students to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study, and work in the English medium


Subjects offered

English Language (S1-S6)

Literature in English (S4-S6)

Drama and Language Arts (S1, S3)


Learning activities

Phonetics course 2023

An intensive phonetics course was organized for S1 and S2 students. Junior form students warmly embraced the opportunity to learn the International Phonetics Symbol (I.P.A.) in the fun-filled lessons by Mr Kwok from the International Phonetic (H.K.) Association.

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S3 Responses to Reading

S3 students showcased their love of reading in the “Responses to Reading” exhibition in April 2023. Avid readers in S3 shared the key messages and their personal reflections on the selected books using mesmerizing ways of presentation.

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Film Workshop

S6 Literature students participated in a film workshop, in which they acquired skills in analyzing a film from a film professional.

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Poetry Sharing

Three S6 students joined the International Writers’ Workshop 2022 Distinguished Writers Series: Simon Armitage held by the Baptist University of Hong Kong. They were inspired by the author’s sharing.



Good People Good Deeds: English Writing Competition 2022

S4B Sally Ho received the Bronze Award in the territory-wide English writing competition for her commendable writing skills. Her winning entry “The Anonymous Love”, touches the hearts of many and encourages readers to pass love and kindness to the world.

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Brain Game 2023 by Young Post

Brain Game is a competition organized by Young Post that started with 10 participants who had to answer a question as creatively as they can every week. Based on readers’ votes and editors’ picks, one participant was eliminated each round until there was a final winner. After nine creative and competitive rounds, S6D Vinci Ng successfully captured readers’ hearts and votes with her thought-provoking answers and vivid writing. Her witty answer to the question in the final round “What would ChatGPT say to Siri, and why?”, suggesting that ChatGPT and Siri could be partners in crime to play a few pranks on humans, earned her spot as the winner. 

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Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Holy Familians actively participated the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and achieved pleasing results. In 2023, 14 students outshone other contenders, getting prizes in the competition. Kelly Yeung, Tammy Chow, Danielle Wong and Queenie Hsu clinched the Championship in Solo Verse Speaking. 10 other students came Second and Third in different categories, such as Public Speaking.

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S1-S3 English Speech Competition 2023

Junior form students showcased their public speaking skills by sharing their ideas on a variety of topics in the annual S1-S3 Speech Competition. Champions were S1B Jonie Au, S2D Ada Zhang and S3A Angel Woo. S2B Gloria Chan was the most creative speaker! They were delighted to receive the prizes and be appreciated with a big round of applause.

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Budding Poets (English) Award

S4B Evelyn Lau joined the Budding Poets (English) Competition and received the Gold Award. She was also selected to be the “Poet of the School”.

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33rd Annual Book Report Writing Competition

Student wrote a report on a book.

S4B Angie Shing – Senior Division Champion

S3D Sally Ho – Junior Division Merit