Thursday 13 June 2024



Curriculum aims

  1. To develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills, and nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural awareness
  2. To develop arts skills, construct knowledge, and cultivate positive values and attitudes
  3. To pursue a lifelong interest in the arts.



Subjects offered

Visual Arts (S1-S6)

Music (S1-S3)

Arts of Living (S6)



Learning activities

Year-end Celebration

Members from the School Orchestra, Senior Choir and Junior Choir showcased their passions of music making to the whole school. Teachers and students enjoyed a musical delight shared by the music groups.

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“Thankful” – Music Video Project

To celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary, the School Orchestra and the School Choir prepared a piece of music to show gratitude to the school despite the social distancing policy under the COVID-19 pandemic.

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同創SEN 友善社區四格漫畫創作比賽

同學發揮他們的創意,用四格漫畫繪畫出一個對特殊教育需要(SEN)人士友愛、包容、和諧的社區,勇奪季軍,藉此增加公眾對 SEN 的認識和關愛。


Hong Kong Interschool Choral Festival

The School Choir joined the Hong Kong Interschool Choral Festival and received encouraging results, with the Silver Award in 2022 and the Gold Award in 2023 (Senior Choir).

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Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

Our students actively participated in the annual Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Our girls received top three places in various events including Graded Piano Solo, Chinese Instrumental solo and Cantonese Opera Singing.