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English as the medium of instruction

All humanities (except Chinese History and Religious Education), science, and technology subjects are taught in English.

We offer comprehensive training of English in developing students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students can learn English in authentic setting with their visits to the English Language Centre and Drama Lessons.


STEAM education

With the theme “Inquisition, Investigation & Creation”, our STEAM curriculum aims to develop students as innovative and competent individuals, ready to tackle challenges and grasp opportunities in STEAM-related industries. Through participation in various workshops and competitions, our students are able to unleash their creativity and potential.

The facilities in the STEAM Room, such as 3D printers, drones and laser cutters, allow our students to learn about the theories and principles behind novel technologies, as well as their practical uses in daily life.


Self-directed learning

Students develop a habit of pre-lesson preparation, with flipped learning applied in major learning content.

Our Self Access Learning Centre provides students with enriched learning resources, including internal and external assessment practices. Students can review their learning progress on their own.


Cater for learners’ diversity

To enhance student participation, small group teaching is arranged in all senior form elective subjects with a lower student-teacher ratio. Enhancement classes are offered to students with weaker academic performance. A Star Programme is offered to stress students’ potential by the provision of school-based additional learning resources to high-achieving students.

Our SEN team offers individualized learning advice and special assessment arrangements to students with special needs.


Interface between junior secondary level and senior secondary level

Our comprehensive junior form curriculum covers all learning elements of humanities, science and technology education, through which students build a solid academic foundation to prepare for their learning at senior levels.

Bridging programmes are offered for S3 students to prepare their learning in Literature in English, Economics, and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies of senior levels.


Wide and balanced spectrum of elective subjects

13 elective subjects are offered with a total of 115 elective combinations, with two groups of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies offered at each senior level. Most students can take their preferred elective subjects.