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Curriculum aims

  1. To develop curiosity and the ability to make inquiries about science and solve problems
  2. To acquire scientific knowledge, science process skills and generic skills
  3. To develop the ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills of science and related disciplines
  4. To become familiar with the language of science to communicate science-related ideas
  5. To recognize the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of science, and develop an attitude for responsible citizenship and a commitment to promote personal and community health
  6. To become lifelong learners of science for personal development



Subjects offered

S1-S2 Integrated Science

S3-S6 Biology

S3-S6 Chemistry

S3-S6 Physics



Learning activities

Visit to Stephen Hui Geological Museum in HKU

S5 Chemistry and Geography students participated in the guided tour in the Geological Museum of The University of Hong Kong. The exhibition depicted the formation of minerals, geological history, and earth evolution. Students showed appreciation towards the dynamic natural world.

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Junior Secondary Science Online Self-Learning Scheme

Junior Secondary Science Online Self-Learning Scheme is organized by the Education Bureau, and supported by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The online learning platform contains online learning activities with contents relevant to junior form Science curriculum. Students are expected to participate in the online learning activities and to complete the science electronic quiz items in the Scheme. Awards are given to the participating students according to their quiz performance.


Scientific Investigation

Scientific Investigation is a project collaboratively held by the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and I.S. departments, aiming at developing S3 students’ problem-solving skills and experiment techniques through investigative study.

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International Biology Olympiad – Hong Kong Contest

S6A Charmaine Li received the Silver Award, while 6A Kitty Cen and 6A Ella Chen received the Bronze Award. Our school team also received the “Honourable Mention for Schools’ Award” in the competition.