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Curriculum aims

  1. To understand student themselves, society, our nation, and the world at large
  2. To maintain a healthy personal development
  3. To contribute to the well-being of the family, the local community, our nation and the world as confident, informed and responsible persons



Subjects offered

Chinese History (S1-S6)

History (S1-S6)

Geography (S1-S6)

Religious Education (S1-S6)

Economics (S4-S6)

Ethics and Religious Studies (S4-S6)

Life and Society (S1-S3)



Learning activities

History Walking Tour: Hong Kong Public Housing

Students enjoyed the tour and learned more about the development of Hong Kong public housing. This visit consolidated their subject knowledge with on-the-ground observation.

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Visit to Urban Renewal Exploration Centre

Students gained a better understanding on the topic of urban renewal, especially on different strategies in different cases.

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Taster Programme in Department of Religion and Philosophy at HKBU

S5 ERS students learned more about Ethics and Religion by visiting the Department of Religion and Philosophy of The Hong Kong Baptist University. Through group sharing concerning different aspects of ethics, they learned to be more aware of the relationship between oneself and the society. The sharing of Dr MAK, Kam Wah George provided them with first-hand knowledge about pursuing a Religion and Philosophy career.


Visit to Strategic Public Relations Group

S5 Economics students visited the headquarter of Strategic Public Relations Group, one of the largest public relations and consultancy firms in Asia Pacific. The CEO explained the business model and strategic plan to our students.

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Economics Walking Tour: Hong Kong Financial Development

S5 Economics students joined a walking tour concerning the financial industry development in Central. Scholar from EdUHK gave an in-depth explanation about the career prospect in Hong Kong banking.

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Statistical Project Competition

Our school is the multiple award winner in the Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students hosted by Hong Kong Statistical Society. Students gained understanding of the local community in a scientific and objective manner.

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Consumer Culture Study Award

Our students participated in the Consumer Culture Study Award organized by the Consumer Council and won the Special Commendation Award. It was a great opportunity for them to learn more about consumer culture through self-guided learning. They also gained practical skills in collecting first-hand data through like surveys and interviews. It was a valuable learning experience for the students, recognizing their efforts and providing them with insights into consumer behavior.

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